Brooks’ 3rd Birthday!

This weekend was my nephews third birthday, which was perfect in every way. The weather was between 68-70 degrees and it finally felt like SPRING! I cannot believe Brooks is officially three… I tell ya, time is a real mind f**cker. He went from a little 4lb baby spending a few weeks in the NICU to a full blown boy, running around and fighting “bad guys.” Sloan loved spending time with her two cousins. She really adores them and it is so fun to watch all of them play, be silly and even get mad at each other. I hope their bond lasts a lifetime!

I wish the weekends lasted longer, but they always go by too fast when you’re having fun!

Love, Samantha


My Top 2015 Moments!



2014 will always be my favorite year because we welcomed our little girl, but darn 2015 was just as fun! I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store. We had a lot of change in 2015, but a lot of growth as well. Here is my countdown of my personal top 2015 moments:

1. We always start the year with our daughters birthday. Sloan turned ONE! We had a “Winter ONEderland” Party with family and close friends. It was an awesome day.

2. The day following her party, Sloan was baptized. It was a great service and so special to us.

3. In March, we went on our first trip to Disney World with Sloan. It was exhausting, fun and will be our last until she is older and crazy about all the princesses.

4. In May, we went to Wilmington, N.C. to be apart of my best friends wedding. I loved watching my college best friend become Mrs. Howard.

5. Sometime in May, we found out that Houston’s job would be relocating us to Atlanta, G.A. He got a promotion and it was an offer he couldn’t turn down.

6. In June, I planned my best friends bachelorette weekend in Charleston, S.C. It was so much fun to do beach yoga, lounge by the water and of course, enjoy downtown Charleston. Perfect girls weekend!

7. The first weekend of July, we packed up our house in Charlotte and moved ourselves in a U-Haul to ATL. It was really hard to say goodbye to our city, but we are so thankful for this opportunity.

8. Sometime in July I celebrated my birthday and my bachelorette weekend in Nashville! It was my first time in Nashville and I really fell in love. I laughed, cried and had the best time ever with my girls.

9. Sloan started half day preschool two days a week in late August. This was a big step for her since she had never been to school, but she LOVES her teacher and so do we.

10. September 6, 2015 we got married!! After being engaged for over two years, we finally walked down the aisle and made it official as a family. It was a perfectly laidback day for us and we had the best time with our families and friends.

11. Late September was my very best friends wedding in Charleston and it was picture perfect. Seriously, it was out of a bridal magazine. Plus, Sloan was the flower girl. She ran down to the aisle to me and it was hands down the cutest!

12. The holidays were so much fun this year with Sloan… From picking pumpkins, trick-or-treating, picking out a Christmas tree, seeing Santa and a horse drawn carriage was magical for her.

13. Being able to spend the holidays with all of our family members both here in Georgia and in Charlotte really was great. It was a perfect way to end the year.

While we are already two months into 2016, I have a feeling it will bring some exciting things to us as a family. Guess we will have to wait and see…




Too TWO Cute!


Sloan turned two on January 7th, 2016!

I have to take a deep breath to remind myself I now have a TWO year old… I don’t know how two years went by in a blink of an eye, but it did. I cried every day the week of her birthday because I just could not believe my sweet little girl has turned into a walking, talking, miss independent girl in what it seems like overnight. While I was feeling all the feelings, I also just love this stage she’s in. She is so much fun and her personality is really shining through. We had her birthday party the weekend before her birthday with family and it was perfect. Super low key with everyone and everything she loves… Enjoy some of the pictures!




Bridal Jewelry.


I love how small pieces and elements can make a big statement, which is exactly what my jewelry did for our wedding day. It is by far my favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding rings. The thing that I loved the most about this piece of jewelry is that I got to make it just for our big day.


There is a great bead shop in Charlotte, N.C. called “Beads, Inc.” If you haven’t gone yet, stop what you’re doing and go. The owner, Christine, is fabulous and a creative genius. You can spend hours just looking at the strands and strands of amazing stones, beads, crystals, etc. lining the walls. Anyway, I went in to make bracelets for each of my bridesmaids (and my flower girl too) as a gift. I wanted each of my girls to have something unique to show off their different personalities and to match their bridesmaids dresses, which were also unique to each. I pulled some pearls, crystals and beads in all differing colors and started playing around with them. Once I got my creative juices flowing, which seemed to take a while, I had five bracelets done. They were each so elegant and something they could wear again. I had a lot of leftover beads since I mix and matched a lot of the strands, so I thought maybe I would just keep them for something else I could make in the future.

But I kept staring at this beautiful pile of beads that seemed to flow so perfectly that I decided to make my necklace with the leftover beads. Christine, the owner, came over to help as she pulled some fresh water pearls and some additional flare to make it into a three strand necklace. Not even two minutes later, I had these insanely beautiful necklace that no one else would have. I didn’t have time that day to make additional jewelry since we had our Stock the Bar Party, but thankfully my mom works right down the street and she was able to take the necklace in and have a matching bracelet made. I still swoon over the pictures of the jewelry and I am SO happy I didn’t settle with something store bought. It means so much more to me that it was made with lots of love and it is exactly my style.

So do some research to see if there is a bead shop close by to see if you can make some pieces unique to you, even if you’re getting married or not! You won’t regret it.





Our Wedding Day.


I have always been the girl to dream about the guy she was going to marry more than the actual wedding. I didn’t care about the venue, I didn’t care about the location or the decor. I just wanted to get married to my Mr. Right. We went back and forth on eloping, going down to the courthouse or just having a tiny wedding with family, but at the end of the day we wanted to celebrate with the people we love and just have fun.

So when it came to our wedding we kept it as simple as we could and made it more about us than a big, stressful, lavish event that we would regret spending too much money on. We wanted: simple, laidback, fun and very “us.” And that is exactly what we did… Here are some highlights from our wedding day. Enjoy :)





I love collages, gallery walls, whatever you may call them… I think it’s the best way to decorate & fill up a wall because it is full of pictures of the people & places you love. I’m no expert in “gallery” walls, but I am an expert at throwing a bunch of frames on a wall & making it my special collage.

I also love letters right now. All kinds of different letters to add somewhere in the house has become my “thing.” Even my fiancé asked me the other day, “Why are you so obsessed with letters?” I couldn’t give him an answer other than I like them :)

These are the special pictures, collages & letters in our bedroom! They make me so happy.




Love, Picture lovin’ Samantha

It’s a Family Tradition!

I am big (huge) on traditions especially around the holidays. Every year on Christmas Eve my family goes to the hand bells Christmas mass. After mass we always (always!) have an Italian meal… Either homemade spaghetti, lasagna, etc. This year I told my mom we should do a buffet style Italian dinner where we have a bunch of different dishes.

I am in charge of bringing the caprese, Italian bread & a dish! I want to make something out of the norm of what I usually make, so I thought I would ask my blog peeps if they have any yummy, homemade recipes that are strictly Italian. I would love to try something new & bring it for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Feel free to comment below if you have something delicious & worth sharing :)

Love, Samantha

10 days until Christmas!

I can’t believe we are 10 days away from Christmas! Sloan loves anything & everything Christmas related… The lights, the trees, the ornaments, the decorations – you name it!




I love this time of year!!! :)

Love, Samantha